The Presidential Tour

President ClintonFeaturing the birthplace and boyhood homes of Bill Clinton in Hope and Hot Springs

Experience the small town charm of Bill Clinton's birthplace "in a place called Hope." Tour his first home, hear stories about his early years, and find out who triggered his aspirations to become President of the United States. You'll have lunch in a quaint café in "The Watermelon Capital of the World", and then travel back in time to Hot Springs, the country's first national park! This resort city known for its thermal waters was also home for President Clinton. We'll show you why 2,000,000 people each year come from around the world to visit this unique area. And along the way you'll see President Clinton's old high school, boyhood home, and favorite hangouts!

The Presidential Tour Description

  • Historical news footage shown on the bus
  • Visit the home where President Clinton was born
  • See Clinton's elementary school and Rosehill Cemetery
  • Experience Hot Springs' thermal waters and learn its amazing history
  • Visit President Clinton's high school, church, and favorite hangouts

*15 passenger minimum